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International top position

Grow Group is not only one of the major players in the Dutch market of vegetable plants; internationally, too, we occupy a top position. Our plants find their way to customers all over Europe and we have subsidiaries and partners in various countries. We offer them knowledge, expertise and management support. This is done under the title of ‘Grow Group Projects’.

Win-win situation

With these collaborative ties – based on good personal relations and mutual trust – we create a win-win situation. On the one hand foreign plant raisers and vegetable growers benefit from the knowledge and experience that is present at Grow Group in the areas of plant raising, organic growing, organisation, nursery processes, automation and management. This enables them to supply top quality and enjoy fast development.
On the other hand, Grow Group is able to expand its international network this way and take its plants closer to the local market. This keeps transport costs low and customers can contact us quickly and easily with any questions and specific wishes.

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